Frissítve: 2020. máj. 31.


To my surprise... when I became a mother, I felt these 3 emotions in every second of every day...

🔸MOTHER SHAME - "I am not a good enough mother."

🔸 MOTHER GUILT - "I am not being a good enough mother in this moment... and I wasn't a good enough mother in the past."

🔸 MOTHER FEAR - "Something bad will happen to my baby, and it will be all my fault... because I am not a good enough mother."


Despite how much emotional pain I was going through... when I looked around, there only appeared to be two groups of mothers:

1. Mothers who were HAPPY, CONFIDENT and BLISSFUL in motherhood.

2. Mothers who had been diagnosed with the MEDICAL DISORDER of Postpartum Depression or Anxiety.

Something extremely fishy was going on... and I was going to figure out what it was...

So, I did tons of research, freed myself from these painful emotions, and became a Depression and Anxiety Coach for Mothers.


As I was helping mothers free themselves from the Shames, Guilts, and Fears at the root of their anxiety... I realized that I was a hypocrite because I still harbouring OTHER types of shame... such as...

1. Body Image Shame - Causing SOCIAL ANXIETY with Men.

2. "Must-be-Perfect Shame - Causing PERFORMANCE ANXIETY on the internet.

3. "Not-Good-at-Practical-Tasks" Shame - Causing GENERALIZED ANXIETY and Paralysis in my everyday life.

Moreover, I realized that my solution to my SEVERE SOCIAL ANXIETY in my 20's had also been freeing myself from Shame. <3

So, I set out to continue freeing myself from all my residual Shames... and became an Anxiety Coach for Everyone.


Anxiety is almost always Shame problem... together with some other painful Primary Emotions, like Guilt, Powerlessness, Loneliness & Grief...

However, it IS possible to free ourselves from these painful emotions... and the Anxiety it has been causing. <3


Do you believe that your anxiety is essentially a shame problem? Is it intrinsically tied in with feeling "not good enough"?

Let me know if you'd like to know more about how I can help you overcome your anxiety together with the Shame and other painful emotions underlying it. (More info down in the comments)

To your Happiness...

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

WHAT IS THE PATH OUT OF DEPRESSION? <3 We often fall into depression when we don't see any SOLUTION to our problems. This can make us feel hopeless... powerless... and trapped... :( It can make us feel like giving up... because there doesn't appear to be any doable solution in sight. <3 . On the weekend, I talked to a friend of mine on the phone who had been feeling severely depressed and suicidal... When I asked him why he was feeling this way, he said it was because his therapist had said that she could not help him with his biggest problem of all: the fact that he has not been able to have a JOB due to his social anxiety. What?! The person whose job it was to help him with his problems... said that she couldn't help him with his biggest problem?! No wonder he was feeling depressed! :( . After we brainstormed, I wrote out a step-by-step SOLUTION for finding and keeping a job, and thriving in this job once he finds it. I laid out each step of this solution... how his therapist and I can support him along the way... and what self-sabotaging strategies to watch out for along the way. He has been so happy since then! <3 ALL he needed to get out of his depression was a SOLUTION... a plan... and the knowledge that there are people out there who would support him along the way! Depression, so much of the time, is simply the belief that there is no solution... that we are f*cked... I believe that there is ALWAYS a solution... All we have to do is find it! <3 Let me know if you would like to find out more about my Solution-Based Approach to Depression and Anxiety. You CAN be emotionally free! Marni Penner A Kanadai Coach :)