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Hogyan jutottam el az akadálytól a lehetőségig?


Yesterday, I was BANNED from posting and commenting in facebook groups for 24 hours... due to me over-zealously posting my memes into too many groups Sunday night. 😂

When I received the ban, my facebook notifications also came to a halt...

I was in facebook jail... isolation... separated from most of the facebook world...


When I woke up Monday morning, the realization of my current ban came to my mind...

I had thoughts like...

- "I am a horrible person for being banned like a criminal."

- "I will probaby get banned from facebook forever."

- "My whole anxiety project is doomed to fail..."


I became distinctly aware of the relationship between my catastrophic thoughts and the potential depression they could bring on...

I envisioned spending the whole day in bed feeling sorry for myself... getting absolutely nothing done...

But then I had the thought...

"What if this ban could actually be an OPPORTUNITY... FORCING me to do something else with my time?"

So, I had the idea that I would back up all of my posts onto my "website-in-progress" as well as make a copy of my facebook friend list during my free time...

This 1-day ban might have been the best thing that happened to me in a long time... 😂


Could your obstacle also be an opportunity?

What positive direction could you take starting today?

Let me know if you'd like for us to brainstorm your possibilities.

To our Obstacles... :)

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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