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CIKK: Mi a harag... és mi ennek a megoldása?

Frissítve: 2020. júl. 4.

WHAT IS ANGER REALLY... AND WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? Anger is one of those emotions that can cause us a lot of guilt, remorse, and being labelled with a so-called "anger problem". :( So what is anger really... and what is the solution? Well... Anger is the emotion we feel when we wish that REALITY was DIFFERENT than it is... 🔸 We wish that WE were different than we are... or 🔸 We wish that our LIVES were different than they are... or 🔸 We wish that OTHER PEOPLE were different than they are... . So, our anger is trying to tell us to do 1 of 2 things... 1. We have to LOWER OUR EXPECTATIONS and ACCEPT ourselves, our lives, and the people in our lives. OR 2. We have to MAKE A CHANGE in ourselves, in our lives, or in how we deal with the people in our lives. . So basically... Anger is telling us that we need to implement the SERENITY PRAYER... in either ACCEPTING or CHANGING the things in our lives. . You may not have the "anger problem" that you have been told that you have... You may simply need some assistance in implementing your Serenity Prayer. <3 Let me know if you would like me to help you overcome your Anxiety & Anger for good. To your happiness... Marni Penner Anxiety/Depression/Anger Coach & Happiness Coach :) . P.S. Check out my 1-on-1 Coaching down in the comments.

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