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CIKK: Miért szeretem a telefonos coachingot


I have always LOVED the idea of phone coaching right from the start. And this is why...

- As a child, I noticed that my friends and I were more honest and emotionally intimate with each other at sleep-overs in the dark, than when we met face-to-face in the daylight...

- I noticed the same effect when walking with people side-by-side.

- Phone coaching is kind of similar to when the patient used to lie on the couch at the psychotherapist appointment. There was a reason for the couch. :)

- Research has shown that people are better able to decipher emotions when listening to people, than when both listening and watching them. (See article here from the American Psychological Association.)

- Phone coaching gives me the ability to take notes, close my eyes, think really hard, and problem-solve solutions for my client... without having to break eye contact with my client in order to do it.


I LOVE phone coaching... and I truly believe that it has advantages that in-person coaching does not.

However, there is one exception...

In Social Anxiety coaching, we sometimes decide to flip on the VIDEO setting, toss my notebook to the side, and talk face-to-face with each other... Because for these particular clients, talking face-to-face with me IS part of their solution. <3

To finding solutions & implementing them...

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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