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CIKK: Miért jó naplózni... valaki másnak?


We often hear about the power of journaling... and I fully agree...

But for me, one additional factor makes it so much more effective for me...

I prefer to journal to SOMEONE who can help me... By writing to this person, I usually end up helping myself. <3


This is why I am passionate about my clients being able to journal to me at any time.

There is so much power in being able to talk through our problems in the present moment... while giving us both more insight into what all is going on.


Recently I found myself with an extremely thorough understanding of my client's whole situation in only 2 weeks. I started thinking, "How on earth did I achieve this so quickly?"

And then I turned to her and said, "It was because YOU did so much journaling, in addition to the readings and exercises I sent!" :)


Overcoming anxiety requires options...

It requires feeling connected, supported and heard...

To "journaling to someone who can help us"...

To all those thoughts going around and around in our heads... <3

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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