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CIKK: Le lehet győzni a szociális szorongást... vagy nem?

Frissítve: 2020. máj. 31.


A lot of people believe that social anxiety can't be overcome...

Their reasoning is that "everyone has social anxiety to a certain degree".

I find this equation of "crippling, panic-based anxiety" with "everyday anxiety" to be very upsetting.

My social anxiety was ruining every single aspect of my life.


Let's get to the bottom of this question.

In reality, the word "anxiety" has 2 completely different meanings.

1. EVERYDAY ANXIETY - This is the kind of anxiety that all human beings have occasionally when they are worried about something or they are worried about an interaction with someone.

2. CRIPPLING, PANIC-BASED ANXIETY - This is the kind of anxiety that cripples people's lives in certain areas, and keeps crippling their lives again and again and again.


Now let's look at the four different social anxieties that I have had, and why I say that I have overcome them.

1. My crippling social anxiety with everyone where my heart was beating a mile a minute and I couldn't understand what anyone was saying and I couldn't connect with anyone... It went away.

2. My social anxiety towards men where I felt resentful towards them, didn't like them, and thought they were mean... It went away.

3. My social anxiety in motherhood where I was paralysed when I was around other mothers, and I couldn't parent my children in the vicinity of other people... It went away.

4. My social anxiety on the internet where I couldn't write a facebook status or make a video... It went away.


Of course I have the same basic anxiety that all human beings experience...

But that crippling social anxiety where I couldn't connect with anyone... couldn't look them in the eyes... couldn't make friends... and felt absolutely powerless to do anything about... It went away. <3

"Crippling Anxiety" and "Basic Human Anxiety" are 2 different concepts. It is a complete coincidence that we use the same word for both. (Hungarian has 2 separate words for these concepts.)


I feel like people have been telling me "Crippling social anxiety can't be overcome because everyone has 10 fingers."

I would like to say that "of course everyone has 10 fingers... AND crippling social anxiety CAN be overcome." :)

To your recovery... <3

Marni Penner

Anxiety & Social Anxiety Coach

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