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CIKK: Hogyan szabadultam a legrosszabb esettől?

Frissítve: 2020. júl. 4.

HOW I FREED MYSELF FROM THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO <3 With every single anxiety I've ever had... I was terrified of the worst-case scenario... 🔸 With Social Anxiety... I was terrified that everyone was going to reject me. 🔸 With Postpartum Anxiety... I was terrified that something bad was going to happen to my children... 🔸 With Internet Anxiety, I was terrified that a "hater" was going to come and tear my work to shreds... All of these fears consumed me... in every minute of every day... :( . At first, I told myself, "Just be careful"... This was a terrible approach because I could never be careful enough... How careful did I have to be to ensure that no one would ever reject me... or that nothing would ever happen to my children... or that my posts would never upset anyone... It was impossible to achieve. I felt like I was living inside the worst-case scenario in every minute of every day... :( . With all 3 of these anxieties... it finally occurred to me... I want to live in the PRESENT... I want to feel JOY and HAPPINESS... I want to truly CONNECT with people... my friends... my husband... my children... those people on the internet... I want to feel GRATEFUL for all that I do have right now... . And so I thought long and hard... and I did some research... and I finally convinced myself that... I, Marni Penner, COULD DEFINITELY HANDLE the worst-case scenario if ever it were to come my way. <3 . I found myself back in the PRESENT again... I was CONNECTING with the people in my life... I was able to feel JOY in the moment... and feel GRATEFUL for what I did have right now... I realized that I was actually a super resilient person... and that no matter what happened in the future... I, Marni Penner, could handle it. <3 . You too can free yourself from the worst-case scenario... be present in your life... connect with others... and feel resilient and emotionally free! Let me know if you'd like to talk. To your amazing self! <3 Marni Penner Anxiety & Social Anxiety Coach :)

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