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CIKK: Hogy szoktam le a gondolatolvasásról

Frissítve: 2020. máj. 31.


I used to be the worst mind-reader on the planet...

I was constantly in other people's business... worrying about whether they liked me... whether they were judging me... whether they were mad at me...

I spent my life in OTHER people's heads... constructing the worst possible fantasies about all the horrible things they could be thinking about me...


Until one day, I made this earth-shattering realization:

🔸 When I was worried that people were MAD at me... I was usually mad at MYSELF...

🔸 When I was worried that people were JUDGING me... I was usually judging MYSELF...

🔸 When I was worried that people DIDN'T LIKE me... I usually didn't like MYSELF...


I was projecting myself onto others... instead of looking inside of myself...

By forcing myself to look at the "flip side" of what was really going on...

☑️ "I am mad at MYSELF."

☑️ "I am judging MYSELF."

☑️ "I don't like MYSELF."

I started seeing the HONESTY of what was really going on. <3


I started asking myself these 2 questions...

1. Is there something I can LEARN and IMPROVE ON... so that I am happier with myself?

2. Or do I simply have to LOVE and ACCEPT myself... exactly the way that I am?


I was now back in my OWN head...

And I finally had CONFIDENCE in myself!

I realized that the key to great relationships... was to be truly and utterly HONEST with MYSELF. <3


Let me know if you'd like me to help you overcome your Social Anxiety or Anxiety as well as any of the associated symptoms...

(Mind-Reading, Time-Machining, Lack of Trust, Fear of Rejection, People-Pleasing, Drama, Avoidance, Indifference, Performing for Others, Judging others, Catastrophizing, Depression, Anger, etc.)

I hope you found this helpful.

To your emotional freedom... <3

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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