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CIKK: Hogy segíthetnek rajtam, ha félek az emberektől?

Frissítve: 2020. máj. 31.


When I had social anxiety, I had a horrible dilemma:

I was terrified of the PEOPLE who could potentially help me. :(

Whenever I talked with anyone, I was so filled with anxiety and intrusive thoughts that I couldn't focus on a word they said.

So how on earth could anyone help me?!

I was trapped... locked... in a jail that had no key.


When I became a social anxiety coach, I found myself experiencing this problem from the other side...

The people who I could help THE MOST were terrified of talking with me. :(

This was a horrible feeling... not being able to help the people I could help the most.

So, FINALLY I found the answer that was right in front of my nose.

"Phone Call Replacements" on Facebook Messenger!

We meet at a scheduled time on Facebook Messenger and we talk with our fingers instead of our mouths! <3

We then move our coaching sessions to the phone whenever my client is ready.

This process gave people an alternative to jumping on the phone with a stranger right away.

It was the exact alternative that I had needed... but had been unavailable to me at the time.


If your social anxiety is as bad as mine was, and you would like to get help from someone who gets it... then ask me about this option of having our first call(s) over facebook messenger.

I know what you are going through...

I have been there too.

But you CAN overcome your social anxiety... no matter how severe.

You CAN be emotionally free. <3

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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