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CIKK: Hogy segített 'A Csodálatos Elmű' film, hogy legyőzzem a szociális szorongást

Frissítve: 2020. máj. 31.


I used to have really crippling Social Anxiety with everyone... including family members...

Nothing helped me... therapy, medication, nothing... :(

Then one day when I was 25 years old, I bought an impulse plane ticket to Budapest, Hungary to spend 8 months learning Hungarian.

Maybe THIS could shake me out of this hell...


I lived in a student residence, and I managed to find a friend who truly understood me... and I was able to be fully honest with him.

By the end of my stay, I made the powerful realization that "LOVE & HONESTY ARE STRONGER THAN FEAR".

🔸 HONESTY simplified my head and made my anxiety go down.

🔸 LOVE enabled me to get out of my head and be present with the other person! <3

So, I proceeded to apply "Love & Honesty" with everyone I met!

However, sometimes my anxiety symptoms would come back for a visit and FREAK ME OUT.

I would think, "Maybe I haven't found the solution... Maybe my crippling anxiety has come back to stay!!


Then one day, I rented the movie "A Beautiful Mind".

As I was watching it, I became so excited to discover that HE TOO had discovered the solution of "Love & Honesty"!! <3

Moreover, he also found a THIRD element, which I called ACCEPTANCE.

As he applied Love & Honesty, he was able to ACCEPT his hallucinations when they came back for a visit.

So, I too started viewing my anxiety symptoms as "coming back for a visit". :)

I would tell myself, "They're just thoughts. They're not real... I'm going to ACCEPT the anxiety symptoms and focus on the REAL SOLUTION of Love & Honesty instead."

These 3 concepts of Honesty, Love, and Acceptance made my anxiety symptoms become weaker and weaker... and come less and less frequently... until they faded away completely. <3

By the time I finally came out as a social anxiety survivor... I hadn't had the symptoms for about 14 years, with a small lapse at the 7-year mark.

That small lapse was actually really important. It made me realize that I truly had found the solution... and that I no longer had to have the fear of fear.


I hope you found this helpful. :)

For more info, check out my VIDEO down below on how I used Honesty, Love, and Acceptance to overcome my crippling Social Anxiety... as well as my NEW VIDEO on how I help my clients.

To Dr. John Nash... THANK YOU! <3

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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