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CIKK: Hogy lehetnek sikeresek a szuperérzékeny emberek?


Highly sensitive people often experience generalized anxiety (and other anxieties) when we are living a life that is too hard...

We assume that the problem must lie in us...

WE are flawed...

WE are ill...

WE are incompetent...

WE are fools...

When in reality, the problem lies in the fact that highly sensitive people have VERY HIGH HUMAN NEEDS which are so often NOT met in modern society.


So we have to ask ourselves...

- What do i FEEL?

- What do I NEED?

- What do I WANT?"

And most importantly...

- "How can I make MY environment work for ME?"


YOU are the reference point.

YOU are the human being.

YOU are the norm.

How can you craft your life to make your life work for YOU?

THIS is the best way to decrease generalized anxiety.

Let me know if you'd like me to help you with this process.

To your empowerment...

Marni Penner

Anxiety & Social Anxiety Coach

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