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HOW TO OVERCOME GENERALIZED ANXIETY (& the Depression it causes)

Being such a highly sensitive person, I had really bad generalized anxiety which got unbearable in my 30's when I became a parent.

I became passionate about figuring out WHAT was going on, and HOW to overcome it and help others do the same.

Here is what I just wrote to someone about how I can help him overcome his generalized anxiety.


I help people with generalized anxiety and depression in the following way:

1. We would figure out what the primary emotions are underlying your anxiety and depression. (Shame, guilt, failure, loneliness, grief, etc.)

2. We would map out how your shames built up, causing you more and more anxiety and depression over the years.

3. You would tell me your stories of all the topics that have been causing you shame, trauma, guilt, grief, etc. (I give more time to those sessions where you tell me a story because of how important it is that you be able to tell it from finish to end.) I would then help you process what you have experienced, own your story, and be able to move on.

4. I would help you figure out what your unmet happiness needs are, and how you can get them met so that you can become a happier, stronger, more connected person in general.

5. I would help you apply the concept of Honesty so that you could better connect with people and get the emotional support that you need, plus improve your relationships, connections, friendships, etc.

6. These things would make you happier, more connected, and stronger which would enable you to stop fearing the worst-case scenarios. When we feel that we ARE GOOD ENOUGH, then we feel that we can handle whatever comes our way... and this makes us stop fearing the worst-case scenarios. If ever they were to occur, we feel that WE CAN HANDLE THEM. ❤ This makes them less interesting, and we no longer think about them.

It would also help you be strong enough to resist going into the shame storms I was talking about when we talked. We become so much more aware of our emotions, that we become able to CHOOSE where we want and don't want to go emotionally.

Generalized anxiety and depression seems so complicated, but there really is a way to solve the puzzle. And I would love to help you do it.


Let me know if you'd like to find out more about how I help my clients overcome generalized anxiety.

There ARE solutions to all anxieties.

To your emotional freedom...

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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