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CIKK: Hogy húztam ki magamat a vállalkozói depresszióból?


When I was 35 years old... I had an inspiring idea... I was going to help young mothers with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety in a completely novel way.

I was going to help mothers understand how our SOCIETY was making mothers miserable... and EMPOWER them to feel really great about themselves.


So, I set out to read as much as I could about Anxiety, Depression, and Anger in all areas of the Social Sciences...

I became a Certified Professional Coach... and started coaching as many mothers as I could for free.

I then invested a whole year of my life into writing "Coaching Modules" for mothers so that I could give all of my knowledge and insights to them.


Well... no matter how good I became at coaching my clients... and no matter how much "Online Marketing" I learned... I couldn't SELL my services to anyone online... :(


- A website,

- Facebook ads,

- An email list,

- "Landing pages",

- "Free Gifts"

and all the other dishonest BULLSHIT that the marketing experts were telling me to do... 🤣

No matter how hard I tried, no one was even clicking the "Contact Marni" Button at all! :(


I got more and more ANXIOUS as my credit cards were being maxed...

I felt SO MUCH SHAME that I had told everyone I knew about my project... but couldn't sell it to save my soul...

The shame and financial anxiety was too much...

I found myself falling into depression.

I lost all motivation... all hope...

I saw NO solution in sight...

My dreams were completely shattered...

I could no longer function at all.


Finally one day, I somehow found the energy to take on a new batch of free clients...

This way, I could at least "do" my profession... and see my success... even if I wasn't earning any money at all.

I then found the motivation to look for a coach for myself online...

I found this guy on Facebook...

He was writing AUTHENTIC, HONEST posts that came from the heart... He was simply BEING his awesome self!

Maybe I didn't have to do all that marketing?

Maybe I could just DARE to show my true self online?

Maybe the solution lied in LOVE & HONESTY... like my social anxiety so many years before?


So, I hired this coach...

He BELIEVED that I could succeed at online marketing... even though I had lost faith myself...

He helped me FACE MY FEARS... step into LOVE & HONESTY... and write posts in an honest and vulnerable way...

And people started noticing.

I was finally talking to THEM. <3

People started asking about my coaching...

And after 3 years of being a certified coach... I finally attracted paying clients online.


And this is how I freed myself from my entrepreneurial depression...

I found the support of someone who BELIEVED that I could achieve what I so wanted to achieve... who helped me FIND the solution... and who SUPPORTED me every step of the way. <3


No matter how hopeless your situation appears to be... I believe that THERE IS A SOLUTION out there for you!

You CAN overcome your anxiety... no matter how severe.

You CAN make the connections you desire.

You CAN be the happy person you would like to be!

And if you too have fallen into depression... and have lost all belief... don't worry. I have enough belief for both of us... just like my coach did for me. <3


Let me know if you'd like to find out more about my 1-on-1 Anxiety & Depression Coaching.

You can do this!

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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