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I discovered my framework to anxiety in quite the unconventional way...

1. I overcame my crippling Social Anxiety on my own in my 20's, and I kept everything a secret for years.

2. I got Postpartum & Generalized Anxiety in my 30's, and I did tons of alternative research to overcome it.

3. I became a Postpartum Anxiety & Depression Coach, and I helped mothers overcome even the most crippling panic-based anxieties.

4. I overcame my Performance Anxiety so that I could be an online coach.

5. I felt like a hypocrite for being a shame specialist and still having Body Image Shame and Social Anxiety with Men... so I stepped up to the plate and overcame it. 🤣

6. I realized that I had now overcome ALL of my Social Anxieties, and I could now explain my solution to the world.

7. I became a Social Anxiety Coach for Everyone.

8. I knew deep down that these solutions to Postpartum Anxiety and Social Anxiety were the solution to ALL Anxieties... so I became an Anxiety Coach for Everyone. <3


In the Social Anxiety community, people often point out how different my solution is to other frameworks.

Yes, because it was discovered through my own experiences overcoming crippling social anxiety... in addition to my alternative research into a specific anxiety that suddenly hits people overnight (Postpartum Anxiety).

The MOST COMMON CAUSE of Postpartum Anxiety is that the young mother believes that she has FAILED motherhood, womanhood, and life itself. In other words, it is caused by SHAME and FEELINGS OF FAILURE... followed in second place by the emotions of Guilt, Powerlessness, Disappointment, and Overwhelm.

This understanding of the Primary Emotions causing anxiety, combined with my personal experiences overcoming crippling Social Anxiety, Postpartum Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, and Performance Anxiety makes this solution very powerful and unique. <3


Let me know if you'd like to find out more about how I can help you overcome your Anxiety using this one-of-a-kind, emotion-based approach.

To your recovery...

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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