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CIKK: Hogy fedeztem fel, hogy a szorongás egy fajta menekülés

Frissítve: 2020. máj. 31.


I started my coaching career as a Postpartum Anxiety Coach... and what I noticed was that my clients seemed to be "escaping" into anxiety...

They had all experienced way too much SHAME and FAILURE during pregnancy, birth or early motherhood...

They felt like they were failing motherhood, womanhood, and life. :(

These emotions were so painful that they literally "escaped" into terrifying irrational fears... such as...


1. The fear that their baby was going to die... (OCD Symptoms).

2. The fear that THEY were going to die... (Health Anxiety Symptoms).

3. The fear that they are being hacked over the internet... (Safety Anxiety Symptoms)

4. The fear that Child Protective Service was going to take their baby away... (Panic Attacks).

5. The fear that they were going to harm their baby (Intrusive Thoughts).


So, I researched all the different Shames, Guilts, and other Painful Emotions of motherhood... and I helped my clients process them and free themselves from each and every one... <3

They embraced Honesty, Love, and Acceptance... and no longer felt the need to "escape" into their irrational fears...

They realized that they had NOT failed motherhood, womanhood, and life...

They were truly GOOD ENOUGH... just the way they were. <3


It is my firm conviction that anxiety is almost always an ESCAPE...

It is a Secondary Symptom...

It is an Indication of all the Shame, Failure, and other painful emotions we feel...


By identifying what you are REALLY feeling... by addressing all the Shame and other emotions at the core... you too will no longer feel the need to escape...

You will begin to love yourself and your life again... and you will be able to CONNECT with other people in the way you most desire. <3

Let me know if you'd like to talk.

You can totally do this!

I know you can! <3

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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