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THROWING OUT THE "FEELING RULES"... AND FEELING WHAT WE REALLY FEEL <3 Our society has very strict "feeling rules" of what people are supposed to feel in different situations... For example... 🔸 Men should only feel STRONG EMOTIONS and never feel weak or vulnerable. 🔸 Young Mothers should only feel BLISS & FULFILLMENT in every second of the day. 🔸 Everyone should feel HAPPY, and SMILEY, and LOVE talking about the weather... 🤣 If ever our feelings don't correspond to these "feeling rules", then we are supposed to TRY to feel the appropriate emotions or PRETEND to feel this way... However, from my experience, when we "try" or "pretend" to feel fake emotions that we don't actually feel... it can lead straight to the secondary symptom of Anxiety. :( . Feeling rules are so toxic... because when we look around... everyone else seems to be feeling that way... - All the other men seem so strong... - All the other young mothers seem blissful and fulfilled... - Everyone else seems so happy, so smiley, and they seem to LOVE talking about the weather... . It can make us feel alone... Isolated... Or that something is wrong with us... When in fact... there is NOTHING wrong with us. We are all human beings who feel the COMPLEX EMOTIONS that human beings feel. Our emotions are "normal"... It is the "feeling rules" that are insane. . Therefore, the first step towards emotional freedom is to IDENTIFY the feeling rules... QUESTION the feeling rules... and FREE ourselves from them at last. <3 . Let me know if you'd like to know more about how I can help you overcome your anxiety... using this big-picture, sociology-inspired approach. To your Emotional Freedom... Marni Penner A Kanadai Coach :)

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