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CIKK: De be kell fejeznem, amit elkezdtem...


Most of us have been raised with the firm belief that we must "finish what we started" and "not be a quitter"...

We are raised to IGNORE our intuition and what we feel in the present... and blindly finish what we started... whether it is a school program, a job, a relationship, a house purchase, a wedding, a volunteer position, an activity, etc...

This can be extremely detrimental for highly sensitive people like us.

In fact, it is one of the MAIN CAUSES of Situational Anxiety and Depression.


When we don't listen to our intuition, it starts screaming at us...

- "You don't like this."

- "This is not for you."

- "You would rather be doing X instead."



But we don't listen...

We are totally oblivious to our screaming intuition...

And why?

Because of the societal beliefs we have been given since we were a child... Beliefs such as...

- "Finish what you started."

- "Don't be a quitter."

- "You committed to this."

- "You mustn't let people down."

- "What would people think?"

- "YOU were the one who chose to do this, so you must finish."

- "Suck it up!"


However, there are situations in which this is simply not true.

The disappointment and inconvenience that we cause people when we quit is usually SHORT-LIVED...

However, NOT BEING HAPPY for a long period of time can cause ourselves and everyone else around us a lot more problems in the long run.


What is your intuition telling you to do?

You maybe started something...

But you are a different person now.

You have new insights, new experiences, and new wisdom under your belt.

What's important is NOT what you did in the past...

What's important is what you have LEARNED from the experience, and WHAT YOUR INTUITION IS TELLING YOU TO DO NOW. <3


Following our intuition is the best way to avoid unnecessary anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, and other similar societal ills.

Let me know if you'd like me to help you listen to your intuition, overcome your anxiety, and live the life you truly want to live.

To your Happiness & Empowerment...

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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