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CIKK: Az irracionális félelmemnek a bölcsössége


I was in the midst of making a video, and I started having this crazy irrational fear about a particular person not liking what I was saying in the video. 😂

I thought... "Oh no... I am having THIS fear again?!!"

And then I realized that this irrational fear was just a SIGN that I had much more important things to do right now than make this video.

Our anxiety & irrational fears are a SIGN, a SYMPTOM that we are not listening to our own self-honesty...

I was trying to neglect my important tasks, and my irrational fear said "NOOOOOOOOOO!! STOOOOOPPPP!!" 😂


Anxiety is a SECONDARY emotion... trying to reveal something much more important underneath.

It is important to access our SELF-HONESTY and ask ourselves...

1. What is REALLY going on?

2. What am I REALLY feeling?

3. Am I being HONEST with myself?

4. Am I being HONEST with others?

5. What is causing this DISCONNECT between what I am DOING on the outside and what I am FEELING on the inside?


We highly sensitive people actually have a SUPERPOWER... that FORCES us to follow our honesty and live the life that WE want to live. <3


In other words, Anxiety is our TEACHER.

All we have to do is LISTEN to the teacher...

and ASK HER what she is trying to say.

She will then give us great WISDOM

of who we really ARE...

and what we really want to DO today.

To the WISDOM at the root of my irrational fear... <3


What do you think of these ideas?

Have you had similar experiences?


Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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