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CIKK: Az gyogyuláshoz vezető út hepehupás


One day when I was looking through my clients' notes... I noticed that many of my clients had only stayed with their previous therapists for exactly THREE WEEKS...

I kept finding... "Tried therapy a few times in the past. Only stayed for 3 weeks."

And then I remembered that I too had fallen into a depression at Week 3 with my coach when I was overcoming my anxiety of putting myself out on the internet...

I thought back to all those foreign languages that I had started to learn... but quit on the 3-week mark:

- Japanese

- Chinese

- Cantonese

- Korean

- Turkish

- Polish

- Italian...


I realized... "I have to remember to always tell my clients about the BUMPY ROAD TO GOAL ACHIEVEMENT!"


Working towards a goal is not the straight line upwards that we wish it would be...

We don't get incrementally better and better and more and more proud of ourselves...

Instead, it is a BUMPY road!

At the beginning, we have so many hopes and dreams... We are motivated as hell and we feel on top of the world...

And then by week 3, we often temporarily run out of energy... and our energy and mood plummets down...

But, the thing to remember is that this is NOT failure... This is NOT a set-back. We are simply gathering energy and insight for the next UPWARD PHASE!


If you find yourself falling into the 3rd week slump or the 6th week slump... or any other slump... this means that you are moving FORWARD!

You will keep going UPWARDS and UPWARDS... as long as you stay on the path! <3

You will notice that the DOWNS will get much less frequent... they won't be as low... and they won't last as long!

And then the downs eventually disappear for good... and you find yourself permanently UP! <3

I have seen this time and time again... with myself and with my clients... and with the languages I DID manage to learn. 😊

The path to goal achievement may be a bumpy ride... But it is also a fulfilling ride... It is the ride to a better self!


Would you like to start moving towards your social, life or happiness goals?

Would you like me to support you on this ride? :)

Then send me a message. I'd love to talk!

Wishing you a happy, fulfilling 2020. <3

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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