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CIKK: Az empatikus emberek ereje


Many people who suffer from anxiety are in fact "highly sensitive EMPATHS".

This means that we have an exceptional ability to read what other people are thinking and feeling at any moment.


However, this ability is often turned on its head... causing...

- Anxiety, Depression, Anger...

- People Pleasing...

- Mind-Reading...

- A Rollercoaster of Painful Emotions...

- Self-Destructive Behaviours

It can be difficult to listen to our own intuition... and identify what it is that WE feel, want, and need.


However, our empathic abilities can also be our greatest strengths.

The key is to recognize the POWER that these abilities give us... step into that power... access our incredible intuition... and let our abilities truly shine! <3


Let me know if you would like to find out how I help Highly Sensitive People and Empaths step into their power, overcome their anxiety & depression and achieve their life dreams. <3

To your powerful self...

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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