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CIKK: Az emberi kapcsolatok szerepe a szorongás legyőzésében


In our individualistic society, the field of psychology has often assumed that the INDIVIDUAL has a "disorder" that the INDIVIDUAL must overcome.

However, I view mental illness as a SOCIETAL problem... and that the solution lies in having the right CONNECTION.

In particular, we need the kind of connection that helps us feel LESS ALONE, less "weird", less crazy... and helps us truly believe that we are GOOD ENOUGH just the way we are.


For EVERY SINGLE ONE of my anxieties, it was a pivotal connection that set me free. <3

🔸 For my Crippling Social Anxiety, I flew to Hungary and found a close friend who could finally help me.

🔸 For my Postpartum & Generalized Anxiety, I became close friends with my nanny who was a lot like me.

🔸 For my Performance Anxiety, I hired a coach whose personality was a lot like mine, and who I knew would treat me as his equal.


Sociologists often call anxiety and depression "dis-eases of disconnection"...

Therefore, it is HONEST, EQUAL, TWO-WAY CONNECTION with someone who truly understands us that is the most powerful force in setting us free.

This is the kind of connection that helped me...

And this is the model of connection I use in my coaching.

Let me know if you'd like to find out more about this "Equal, Honest, 2-Way Connection" approach to overcoming anxiety.

To the pivotal connections that set us free...

Marni Penner

A Kanadai Coach :)

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