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CIKK: Az a boldogság, amit a kivételes munkától kapunk

Frissítve: 2020. júl. 4.

THE HAPPINESS WE GAIN FROM DOING "EXCEPTIONAL WORK" <3 There is a lot of talk about Happiness... from philosophy, to positive psychology, to meditation, to self-help books... But what is very rarely talked about is the Happiness we gain from doing Exceptional Work. We spend most of our day at our workplaces... and it can laden with guilt, shame, drama, interpersonal conflict, frustration, resentment, and the like... We try to resolve these problems... only to have them come back to haunt us again and again. . So what is the SOLUTION... when we have all these problems at work? I have found time and time again... that the solution lies in focusing onto doing EXCEPTIONAL Work... . What IS exceptional work? It is when we go BEYOND the quality requirements... BEYOND what is expected of us... BEYOND what we even believe we are capable of... It is when we truly CARE about people... it is when we provide VALUE to people... It is when our work ethic IMPROVES everyone's day. . When we do exceptional work, it enables us to... 🔸 Go into "FLOW" (one of the best sources of happiness there is) 🔸 Get rid of any GUILT & SHAME because we are living up to our own standards and integrity at work. 🔸 Feel ACCOMPLISHED at the end of the day. 🔸 Be LESS EMOTIONALLY AFFECTED by the Interpersonal Conflicts at work. 🔸 Feel more RESILIENT towards our future... If we get fired, so be it. At the next work place, we will ALSO do exceptional work". 🔸 Feel that we are contributing to OTHERS... to our clients, coworkers, and everyone else who is affected by our work. :) . No matter how horrible our coworkers are, or how unhappy we have been feeling at work... I have witnessed my clients and I completely turn our lives around... by focusing on doing exceptional work. . Let me know if you'd like to find out more about my Happiness Coaching. To doing exceptional work... Marni Penner Anxiety & Social Anxiety Coach (& Happiness Coach)

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