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CONNECTION HAPPENS IN THE MOMENT One of the biggest challenges when we are trying to make friends and romantic partners is this: We can find ourselves too attached to the OUTCOME. We WANT more friends in our city... or we WANT to have a romantic partner... So, we go on the HUNT to find one... People tell us that if we just work a little harder, then surely we can achieve this feat... However, this attachment to the outcome can make us appear NEEDY and DESPERATE... which actually REPELS potential friends and lovers instead of attracting them to us. :( . So what can we do? The key to making friends and romantic partners is to LET GO OF THE OUTCOME... and CONNECT in the moment! We can do this by... - Being PRESENT with the person we are talking to. - Being HAPPY. - Having FUN. - ASKING people about themselves... and truly be INTERESTED in them! - SHARING whatever thoughts are inside of us in the moment! . CONNECTION happens in the moment. ATTRACTION happens in the moment. LIFE happens in the moment. When we truly let go of the outcome and LIVE in the moment... then people become attracted to US, our ENERGY, our VIBE... and they want to spend MORE TIME with us. <3 Let me know if you'd like to find out more. To your happy, connected life... :) Marni Penner A Kanadai Coach :)

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