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Frissítve: 2020. júl. 4.

HOW TO MAKE "ADULTING" FUN <3 Have you ever noticed that the word "adulting" has a negative connotation? It means doing one of the serious, boring, stressful things that responsible adults do. This says a lot about our society. Childhood is for fun... and once we enter adulthood, all the fun and happiness stops... and we start "adulting"... Well, what if we turned this expression onto its head? What if we could define "adulting" as... "Adulting" = Doing awesome things that tend to belong to adulthood... such as... - Drinking beer - Going to the pub - Ordering take-out - Buying whatever food we want - Throwing an evening house party - Going on a fun vacation - Driving our car in a random direction - Drinking coffee in a cafe - Pursuing the hobby of our dreams - Saying "FUCK" whenever we want Having FUN without having to ask permission... Defining HAPPINESS on our own terms... And living the life we want to live. I am planning to do some heavy-duty "adulting" this week. (See picture below.) How about you? To your Happy Adult Life, Marni Penner Anxiety & Social Anxiety Coach (& Happiness Coach)

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